Naeim El Zein

A Visionary Leader and Trailblazer in Human Potential Development

“Hardship is the womb of rebirth; where strength is forged; and the true meaning of resilience is born” ~ Rebirth Alone - Naeim El Zein

Naeim El Zein, the dynamic Founder and CEO of Mira-Clé since 2009, exemplifies a leader who turns visions into impactful realities. His role on the Advisory Board of Firepower Talent Partner reflects his ongoing commitment to shaping the future of talent development and organizational excellence. Naeim's career spans over two eventful decades, where he has been a beacon of transformation and innovation in human resource development and strategic leadership.

Naeim’s professional journey includes significant previously held positions such as Partner & COO at iLead Group, where he demonstrated his expertise in leadership and communication development. He also held influential roles including Program Director at KCL Foundation, GS Manager at Kuwait Energy Company, and Admin & HR Manager at Al Houkair & Sons Group. His diverse experiences across industries have solidified his status as an expert in HR Development, Behavioral Psychology, Strategy, and Inter/Intrapersonal Skill Advancement.

In his current role, Naeim is a seasoned trainer and coach, renowned for his transformative approach that has benefited over 15,000 professionals. He provides consulting services in areas of Human Resources, Strategy, and Workplace Safety to more than 500 clients across the Middle East. His expertise spans business acumen and soft skills, including Influential Communication, Leadership Mastery, Emotional Intelligence Development, and Behavioral Psychology related to Body Language and Microexpressions.

Naeim’s literary contributions are equally notable. He co-authored “Unleashing FirePower: The Masters of Business Excellence” with 12 international leadership experts. This work, along with his first poetic book “Akhiran Takalamt” (“At Last, I Voiced”), and his upcoming book “Rebirth Alone” showcase his depth in understanding and articulating the human experience. “Rebirth Alone” is particularly anticipated for its insights into life’s transformative phases.

As a champion of human resources, Naeim’s global perspective is reflected in his work with diverse international businesses and NGOs. His expertise in organizational restructuring, staff assessment, gap analysis and HR strategies has been pivotal during critical mergers and acquisitions, including the landmark acquisition by Kuwait Energy Company.

His civic activism and youth programs mark him as a leader who invests in the future. Through the VOICE I and II programs, Naeim has empowered hundreds of youths in Lebanon, directing a program on citizen journalism and becoming members of the Election & Corruption Police Unit. He has also developed public speaking and media skills programs for young leaders under the patronage of UNDP and MEPI – AUB – CCECS.

Naeim’s bespoke training programs have left a significant mark on institutions such as Aramex International and the American University of Beirut. His curriculum designs and training modules are tailored to enhance Customer Service, Soft Skills, and Management Skills. The Emotional Intelligence & Self Development program he developed for the American University of Beirut is a testament to his innovative approach to education.

A revered communication expert, Naeim’s insights on nonverbal communication and public speaking are sought after by TV and media outlets. His profound understanding of human interaction makes him an invaluable advisor to public figures and leaders in the Middle East.

Naeim’s impressive qualifications, including being a Certified PXT Profiles Psychometric Assessor & Coach and holding an Expert Level certificate from the Paul Ekman Group, complement his academic distinction in Business Administration from AUL. His comprehensive knowledge in psychometric assessment, body language, and emotional intelligence sets him apart as a leading figure in his field. He was also an authorized speaker and trainer for the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners – Lebanon Chapter.

Naeim El Zein is not merely a leader; he is a visionary, continually shaping the landscape of human development and inspiring countless individuals and organizations to reach their fullest potential.