Mira-Clé takes immense pride in being the exclusive provider of a fully developed Emergency Response Plan (ERP) in Lebanon and the Middle East. Our service extends beyond traditional evacuation drills, offering a comprehensive safety system that seamlessly integrates into your company's business continuity plan and crisis management team. We provide support that reaches into civil society, municipalities, and the broader community, establishing the foundation for saving lives in workplaces, schools, hospitals, banks, and municipal levels.

The core of our ERP service lies in equipping you with the essential tools to effectively manage emergencies and disasters as they occur. We address a wide range of scenarios, encompassing not only fires and natural disasters but also circumstances related to states of war and unrest, with a primary focus on saving lives and ensuring business continuity. A defining feature of our service is the Inspection & Assessment phase, where we set the groundwork, offer guidance, and execute actions to minimize risks, monitor hazards, and prevent chaos.

"Safety doesn't happen by accident."

H.W. Heinrich

In our years of dedicated service, Mira-Clé has not only excelled in providing comprehensive Emergency Response Plans but has also consistently delivered successful evacuation drills for organizations, including those with over 1000 employees and high-rise buildings. We recognize that the complexity of larger institutions demands specialized attention and that safety must be a priority in all environments.

Furthermore, our focus extends beyond proactive planning; we have actively developed rapid intervention strategies to provide immediate support to organizations and communities not readily equipped to handle sudden instances of instability and insecurity, such as times of unrest, wars, and violence. Our commitment to ensuring the safety of both individuals and the collective is unconditioned.

Emergency Response Planning plays a vital role in your organization's Public Relations Program, instilling confidence and exemplifying responsible corporate citizenship to government entities, regulatory agencies, the public, and the business community. Through the Audit component of our ERP service, we continuously assess daily operations, identify hazardous products and unsafe facilities or operations, and recommend corrective actions. This process heightens awareness and encourages remedial measures.

By developing an Emergency Response Plan with us, your organization will be well-prepared to:

Our exemplary workplace and public safety service comprises a nine-phase ERP process: kickoff, assessment, recommendations, assistance in implementation, capacity building of Emergency Response Teams, development of a comprehensive ERP document that includes strategies, protocols, roles, and action plans for various scenarios, employee and public orientation on emergency response procedures, fully simulated evacuation drills, and post-drill assessment and modification reports.

Experience the comprehensive and top-notch ERP service provided by Mira-Clé to ensure the safety and preparedness of your organization and your entire community. Contact us today to embark on a journey toward enhanced workplace safety, saving lives, and practical crisis management.

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