Mira-Clé offers a comprehensive HR Consulting service that encompasses a wide range of solutions to meet the diverse needs of organizations. Our full-fledged services include conducting an HR Health Check to assess the effectiveness of your HR practices, surveying employee satisfaction to gain valuable insights, and analyzing the organization's structure to optimize efficiency. We prioritize strong corporate governance and ensure that our recommendations are built on ethical and best-practice standards. To enhance our consulting approach, we utilize tools such as psychometrics and non-biased assessments to provide objective and accurate insights. We strongly believe in stakeholder involvement, working closely with key stakeholders before proposing and approving HR plans. Once the roadmap is established, we assist in the successful implementation of HR strategies. Our clients have the flexibility to choose between regular support or a unique partnership, allowing us to adapt to their specific needs and provide ongoing assistance. Partner with Mira-Clé's HR Consulting service to leverage our expertise and drive positive change in your organization.

Organizational Structuring

An Organizational Structure does not only define who reports to whom, nor just reflects your business process. It goes way beyond and shapes your culture, defines what skills you need on board, what works as per your business plan and what does not work, it also defines job autonomy, delegation of authority and draws the guidelines to your strategic plan. Using our knowledge of behavioral science, our HR expertise, and our line management wisdom, we design and deliver a structure that focus on how your company plans to do business, both on the short and long run.

Corporate Governance

Corporate governance refers to the structures and processes for the direction and control of companies. Corporate governance concerns the relationships among the management, Board of Directors, controlling shareholders, minority shareholders and other stakeholders. Good corporate governance helps companies operate more efficiently, improve access to capital, mitigate risk and safeguard against mismanagement. It becomes more critical when investors are themselves the founders of the company, whereas their role differs from direct operational management into being board of directors. At Mira-Clé we help you set clear and solid corporate governance that shall put your company in competition with multinational/international standards facilitating your growth and sustainability.

Human Resource Plan

A Strategic Business Plan helps smart leaders anticipate what could lie ahead and incorporate that information into a structured format that everyone in the company understands, contributes to, and participates in. Yet, it cannot be called off, without incorporating Human Resource Planning as integral as it should be. At Mira-Clé we create HR strategic plans that allow business leaders to address critical human capital issues that will influence their strategic decisions. Understanding labor markets and pools, legal environments and employment law, cultural differences and motivation, total cost of employment and how to attract and retain talent, can be critical to early decisions by business leaders about what markets they elect to participate in and how they position their business in those markets. This early participation can be critical to the success of your strategy, being an emerging market organization.

Benchmarking & Recruitment

New hires can either make or break your business, especially when you are at the startup stage, where the insignificant mistakes have significant impact. Hiring the right employee can only be achieved when benchmarking of market pay is performed and upon conducting a recruitment process that is systematic, structured and consistent, reducing the risk of costly litigation from unsuccessful candidates.
Mira-Cle’ Consulting can provide you with advice and hands on support at each stage of the recruitment process including:

Management of Staffing from Start-to-Finish

Following a recruitment decision is made; further support into integrating employees is facilitated by Mira-Clé, this includes:

Handbooks, Policies, and Procedures

Having the correct HR policies and procedures in place is essential to reduce your risk of litigation and ensure good employee relations. In fact the main reason why businesses lose Industrial Tribunal cases is that they failed to follow fair procedures. Policies and procedures that are not properly prepared invariably are used by existing and former employees or even unsuccessful job applicants against an employer to support a claim to an Industrial Tribunal. The Ministry of Labor in Lebanon has different classifications of company’s applicable rules & regulations in accordance to their size and industry; hence for example what applies when the company possesses manpower of less than 15 employees is drastically changed when their manpower reaches 15. Being expert and licensed consultants in the field of the Lebanese Labor Law, we develop your HR internal Policy & Procedures, followed by your employee’s handbooks that are all in Compliance with Lebanese Labor Law & Local Market Best Practices.

Compensation Program

Does your company plans to be competitive in the labor market from which you recruit key employees? Well-designed executive and general compensation plans will keep leadership and employees focused, help maximize the value of your business, provide motivation, and reward shareholders. Compensation packages make a powerful impact on an organization’s culture, people, and performance. As corporate goals and market conditions change, so must reward strategies. Our experienced compensation experts work with you to help you stay competitive, hence recruit on the basis of efficiency and build a compensation plan that ensures retention.

Job Descriptions

Job Descriptions are considered the first yard, Essential with critical impact on maintaining fairness and equity. Often disregarded at the initial stage when they are indeed most needed. They should be derived from your organizational structure, and made tailored rather than collected. Mira-Clé will initially formulate the required job descriptions then develop the best practical procedures to produce quality Job Descriptions, Specifications, and KSAs on your own.

Employees Filling System with all related procedures

Filling Systems, whether manual or electronic, shall be given adequate consideration on basis that goes beyond promptness to establish documentation and legal compliances. With Several stakeholders involved: Ministry of Labor, NSSF, Ministry of Finance, and the company itself; we compile our expertise to develop a filling system that maintains detailed Documentation, Forms and Records that are mandated by Laws & Required by Practice of best HR processes.

Training in interviewing & selection techniques

Technical Knowledge & Skills of Shareholders, Founders and Operational Managers do not compensate the interviewing soft skills required as to maintain sound and objective judgments during the interviewing process. At Mira-Clé we aim at maintaining all parties involved in the interviewing and selection process are in harmony, hence we offer stakeholders a training program on Behavioral Interviewing Techniques that shall maintain structured interviews, consistency and appropriate selection of candidates.

Advisory & Support Services – Annual Contract

Labor Laws in the Middle East is constantly changing with new legislation and case law being introduced and updated on a regular basis. The consequences of failing to comply with statutory requirements can be very costly for an employer, in terms of defending a case in front of the Lebanese Arbitration Council. It only needs one case to cause long term damage to a small-size employer. Mira-Clé can provide you with a specialist employment and Human Resource advisory to ensure you have the advice and support to resolve your people issues, saving you the timed you need to concentrate on managing your business. Our advisory service is like having your own Human Resource Specialist & Labor Law Legal Consultant at the end of a telephone. Guidance can be given on how to deal with most employment issues by a short telephone conversation. However if necessary, a meeting may be arranged to discuss complex problems in details or when a series of minor employment issues have arisen within a short period of time.
The advisory service can be tailored to suit your own particular needs.
Our hands-on support service includes providing support with the following personnel needs:


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