The Key to Unlocking Outstanding Performance

Founded in Beirut, back in 2009

With offices in Dubai, UAE since March 2022

Mira-Clé Training, Outsourcing & Consulting provide specialized quality services in the areas of business management, human resources and safety all in focus of becoming a global provider of turnkey solutions. We have been successfully providing 500+ clients with business and professional solutions, as well as expertise in the organization, management and development of human resources, safety cultures and management structures. Our teams of veteran professional team members and 50+ freelance expert trainers/consultants take pride in providing track record and well-established relationships with our prized client, most of them whom have been with us since the beginning of our success story and spread across the entire Lebanese territory as well as in the Middle East.

Harnessing our HR, Safety and Management expertise to empower our clients

Our Committment
We are committed to supporting businesses of all sizes by offering innovative business solutions, efficient Human Resources Management, and a focus on Workplace Safety & Emergency Planning, Capacity Building, and Outsourcing. Our mission is to meet the diverse needs of employers, elevating their company's performance to align with international business standards. With a dedicated approach, we strive to enhance workplace safety, develop the skills and capabilities of employees, and provide comprehensive outsourcing solutions. By partnering with us, businesses can expect tailored services that promote productivity, efficiency, and compliance in today's dynamic business environment.
Naeim El Zein

A Visionary Leader and Trailblazer in Human Potential Development

“Hardship is the womb of rebirth; where strength is forged; and the true meaning of resilience is born” ~ Rebirth Alone - Naeim El Zein

Naeim El Zein, the dynamic Founder and CEO of Mira-Clé since 2009, exemplifies a leader who turns visions into impactful realities. His role on the Advisory Board of Firepower Talent Partner reflects his ongoing commitment to shaping the future of talent development and organizational excellence. Naeim's career spans over two eventful decades, where he has been a beacon of transformation and innovation in human resource development and strategic leadership.
Our Smart
Core Services

Our unique training approach is merged with a fully online interactive system to provide further quality in service and derivatives within perfect alignment the tailoring process. This has made us ahead in the game with success in matching client objectives and exceeding expectations. Novelty, Research, Commitment, and a close working relationship with clients are the hallmarks of our business.

Our Vision

To establish ourselves as the foremost specialist in HR, Safety and Management Consulting, Training Services and HR Outsourcing in Lebanon and the Middle East, setting the standard for excellence in quality, service, and value-added solutions.

Our Mission

At our core, we are dedicated to harnessing our HR, Safety and Management expertise to empower our clients. By offering a comprehensive range of high-quality services, we aim to support them in becoming industry frontrunners. Our mission is to enhance their performance, drive efficiency, and elevate their competitive standing through our unwavering commitment to excellence and experience.

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