Mira-Clé’s world class operational model efficiently manages your entire employee’s employment contracts and payroll operations including audit facing and payroll statutory compliance, bringing real meaning to “Outsourcing”. This helps your organization keep its resources and energies focused on the core aspects of your organization and purpose.


Understanding the gravity of compliance adherence and need for quality deliverables, Mira-Clé ensures that all compliance and quality standards are met, policing every aspect of every process. Mira-Clé also ensures that your organization stays in line with all labor regulations that are amended from time to time, as well as with Ministry of Finance and other related authorities. The following is an indicative list of labor related regulations that Mira-Clé complies with:

Lebanese Labor Law
Ministry of Finance
General Security (Non-Lebanese)
Employee Centric Services

Mira-Clé’s Employment Contracts & payroll management are meticulously crafted to address varying concerns of each of your employees. While your employee-satisfaction lies at the heart of Mira-Clé’s every activity associated with your organization, Mira-Clé ensures that your employees have a hassle-free “employment and payroll experience”, taking all necessary steps to align your processes with any amendments in the law.

Cost Advantage

Mira-Clé seeks to add utmost value in all aspects of its commitment to and relationship with your company and employees, including value for money. While Mira-Clé’s services cost much lesser than standard market rates, our quality-promise is never compromised and unparalleled.


HR Outsourcing

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