Dear Webcor Group Participants,

It was undeniably our great pleasure to have been offered the chance to share with you the valuable techniques and keys to Business Writing that Works!

Today’s business world is almost entirely information-driven. If your business is important to you, you should care equally about how you describe it. Most companies make their first and every impression with others using words and in writing – whether through a website, business documents, presentations, memos, reports, or within e-mails or letters click here for info. Yes, phone calls and designs can seize potential clients’ attention, but it is the words that make the real connection. Your words are your frontline. Are they strong enough?Watch movie online Logan (2017)

Most business people have little experience with writing and perhaps writing has never been a major concern. However, as you might agree, a lack of writing skills becomes a greater challenge with time. Managing time to improve your writing can result in a marked improvement. There is no substitute for practice, but now you hold the keys to keep you on the right track!

Concise – Less is more!

Clear – Avoid jargon!

Courtesy – Beware of the errors of tone!

Complete – Remember the 5 W’s (and the H)!

Correct – Write once, check twice!

Address your reader properly – Pay special attention to names, titles, and genders!

Be professional – Not necessarily formal!

Have ONE Message – Call to action!

Business Letters – Communicate your message, clearly and effectively!

Business Reports – Express your research through technical writing!

Business Memos – Make the right impact!

Thank you, and please do not forget that this blog will be your continuous follow-up portal for us to support you with any of your business writing challenges.


Darine Mattta

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