1. Ali Ahmad

    September 13, 2011

    It seems like a good experience which I missed due to short notice. talking about destructive cycles, how could be avoid them if over the phone? regards

  2. Avatar photo


    September 14, 2011

    Dear Ali, When you are arguing with anyone over the phone, you are actually using only 45% of your message components! the rest 55% (Body Language) is not in use! so destructive cycles over the phone tends to be more prone to occur and a bit harder to control! that is if you did not use your body language over the phone! yes over the phone! So to Avoid Destructive Cycles over the phone you need to: 1- use your body language as if the clients is in front of you! so keep on smiling, and keep your face relaxed. 2- have more control over your voice tone and the clarity of your words through controlling your breath, and speed! 3- Always consider you are the one in the best position to change a negative cycle to a positive one, and according to that! so when you feel you are in a destructive cycle you need to take action and stop it! try positive thoughts and inform the other party that you will surely look into their concern and call them back in a specific time frame! you are actually giving them sometime to relax and control their anger! 4- keep thinking positively, acting positively, keeping in mind that it is not PERSONAL! and sure you will make it out and mostly take it to positive cycle! Don't judge this! try it first!

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