Lebanese Labor Law & NSSF Workshop (Updated Version)

9:00 am - 5:00 pm Citea Apart Hotel, Achrafieh, Alfred Naccache Avenue23feb9:00 am5:00 pmLebanese Labor Law & NSSF Workshop (Updated Version)Duration: One Full Day

Event Details

Following the publication of the two gazettes in Lebanon on Feb 15th, 2024, which included the new Budget Law, New NSSF Contributions & Thresholds, and Transportation Allowance, among others, this renowned training course, which has been delivered over 100 times in Lebanon, is now critically needed, as it provides valuable specific insights into the 2024 budget law and related implications. Our Main Program Expert, Mr. Naeim El Zein, will dedicate 30 minutes to guide participants, as well as Mr. Joseph Honein will provide insights from inside NSSF!

A program geared towards understanding rules and regulations as per the Lebanese legislations, delivered by expert trainers representing, Lebanese Labor Law and National Social Security Funds – NSSF requirements, and the and the Human Resources perspective for Compliant Practice and tailored to cater both Corporates & NGOs

By attending this course, participants will have all the knowledge and basic skills they need to perform their HR activities while in compliance with local rules and regulations as well as have a proper personnel filing.

Core learning objectives include:

  • 2022 Onwards Financial Budgets Impact on Labor Law & NSSF 
  • Legislative requirements made simple and explained in detail
  • Evolution of Lebanese labor law & the expected Amendments (Quick Preview)
  • Know the Minimum and/or maximum requirements of various laws
  • Learn How to Well Practice as to avoid labor law suits
  • Be aware of the Difference in law regarding the hiring of native foreign employees
  • Employees Leave Entitlements (Annual, Sick, Compassionate, Maternity, Paternity, Marriage, and Other types)
  • Types of Employment Contracts
  • How to handle disciplinary issues & Employment Termination
  • Understand NSSF effective three funds and their impact on payroll
  • What is taxable and what is not as per NSSF

What Will Participant Receive Post Training?

  • An Electronic Link Containing
    • Current Labor Law & Expected Amendments
    • Labor Law Related Forms & Procedures
    • Warning Letter Forms & Templates
    • Employment Contracts Templates

    • NSSF Related forms and Procedures
    • Certificates of Attendance

What Topics are covered?

Section One: Lebanese Labor Law – Rules & Regulations (9 AM – 1:00 PM)

  • Evolution of Labor Law, Social Legislation Stages in Lebanon, and Labor Law Resources
  • Exemptions by Labor law, Labor Law Definitions, Employing Infants & Females, Working Hours & Vacations, Work Emergencies, and Legal Dependency
  • Different Employees Entitlements
  • Employment Contracts subject to Article 50 & Article 58, inclusive of contracts with Volunteers & Consultants!
  • Contract Termination
  • Work Regulations
  • Arbitration due to conflicts
  • Latest Ministry of Labor Decrees and Anticipated Changed.

Section Two: National Social Security Fund – NSSF (2 PM – 5 PM)

NSSF Policy & Procedures:

  • End of Service,
  • Remuneration Suffixes and EOS
  • Illness & Maternity,
  • Family Allowances,
  • Other Benefits (What are they and how to declare them)
  • NSSF Various Forms

Event Date

23 February, 2024


Citea Apart Hotel

Achrafieh, Alfred Naccache Avenue

Ticket Fees - 11% VAT Excluded


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