Problem Solving Fundamentals

9:00 am - 1:00 pm Citea Apart Hotel, Achrafieh, Alfred Naccache Avenue05oct9:00 am1:00 pmProblem Solving FundamentalsDuration: Half Day

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Introduction to Problem Solving

  • Overview of problem-solving skills and their importance in various fields
  • Understanding the problem-solving process
  • Identifying common challenges and obstacles in problem solving
  • Introducing effective strategies for problem solving

Problem Analysis and Definition

  • Understanding the problem statement and its context
  • Techniques for gathering relevant information and data
  • Breaking down complex problems into smaller, manageable components
  • Defining the problem in clear and concise terms

Generating Solutions

  • Brainstorming techniques for generating creative ideas
  • Evaluating and selecting potential solutions
  • Considering different perspectives and approaches
  • Encouraging collaboration and teamwork in the problem-solving process

Implementing and Evaluating Solutions

  • Developing an action plan for implementing the chosen solution
  • Overcoming barriers and resistance to change
  • Monitoring and evaluating the effectiveness of the solution
  • Continuous improvement and learning from the problem-solving experience

Event Date

5 October, 2023


Citea Apart Hotel

Achrafieh, Alfred Naccache Avenue

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