Duration: 1 to 3 days.

“It May be Human Nature to Lie, but the Truth is written all over our Faces, and all over messages we portray through our entire body language!” 

This workshop is based on three internationally accredited scientific approach methodologies, aiming at arming you with Scientific Knowledge of how to properly interpret body language, Spot deception, and use the right moments! Working with you through an interactive session that will enable you maturely use this knowledge to interpret hidden messages, helping you throughout tough negotiations and every day communication.


By the end of this training course participants will be able to:

  • Explain the important elements to consider when interpreting Body Language during negotiations
  • Identify the messages being portrayed by Yours and other’s Body Language
  • Know What  is meant by Micro Expressions by Paul Ekman.
  • Learn Liespotting Techniques by Pamela Meyer

Important Facts about This Workshop:

This Workshop is accredited by ICM throughout the first five sessions.

Sessions Outline

Session One: Core Principles & The Five C’s

Exploring the subconscious effects of body language and setting the scene by ensuring participants appreciate the rules to interpreting body language.

Session Two: GesturesArm Barriers, Palm & Handshake, Hand & Thumbs

Understanding the different arm barrier gestures, different handshakes, Hand and palm actions. Includes activities that test the this science!

Session Three: Hand to Face Gestures…or…How to Spot a Liar!

An exploration of different gestures that involve the hand moving to the face.  Identifying how to spot body language that signifies lying and what to watch out for.

Session Four: Eye Signals

A review of pupil dilation, directed gazes and eye accessing cues in order to fully understand how eyes provide body language clues.

Session Five: Micro Expressions by Paul Ekman

Who is Dr. Paul Ekman? one of world’s most popular psychologists – he created an inspiration for the television series Lie To Me.  During this session we will talk about what is Microexpression and you will guided on how you can start an interesting Journey online with ekmaninternational.com if you feel you are up to it!

Session Six: Beyond Chosen Words – Pamela Meyer

A Checklist of important Lies potting signals that occur at stake situations – The focus of this is to use Pamela Meyer international methodology into lies associated with chosen words while we communicate.

Session Seven: Bringing it all together!

An activity that allows participants to embed their learning and realize how much they now understand and appreciate body language, and be able to identify/influence during any type of communication.

Maximum Attendees Per Group:

12 Attendees.


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