Duration: 4 hours per Section

This workshop will help participants:

  • Learn about the Evolution of Lebanese labor law & the expected Amendments
  • Know the Current LLL & Its regulations
  • Learn How to Well Practice as to avoid labor law suits
  • Know the Minimum and/or maximum requirements of various laws.
  • Be aware of the Difference in law regarding the hiring of native foreign employees.
  • Employees Leave Entitlements (Annual, Sick, Compassionate, Maternity, Paternity, Marriage, and Other types)
  • Disciplinary Procedures
  • NSSF Procedures
  • Process of declaration, with deadlines and penalties.


Historical Overview

This session will be will briefly discuss the following points: Evolution of Labor Law, Social Legislation Stages in Lebanon, and Labor Law Resources

Lebanese Labor Law

During This session nine main aspects of Lebanese Labor law will be discussed thoroughly. Aspects of this Sessions are: Exemptions by Labor law, Labor Law Definitions, Employing Infants & Females, Working Hours & Vacations, Work Emergencies, Legal Dependency, Employment Contracts, Contract Termination, and Work Regulations.

Labor Arbitration Council

During this session we will discuss the party responsible for handling arbitration due to conflicts that may occur between an employee and an employer with related details.

Collective Work Contracts

During this session we will be exposed to the collective work contracts regulations, throughout an objective look of its benefits, employees’ rights of actions derived from it, and what is considered legal and what is not.


National Social Security Fund NSSF

The NSSF Expert will handle this session which will discuss NSSF related matters from End of Service, to Family Compensation to Sickness & Maternity.


To close the workshop sessions and sum up what we have learned about NSSF regulations, calculation, and declaration and to address income taxes, participants will be divided into four groups to discuss the ABZ case study.


This Workshop is intended for those who attended the LLL & NSSF workshop with Mira-Clé. During this workshop, attendees will be grouped and shuffled four times, when addressing 8 real cases that will set us apart from practicing against the law and create a strongly compliance HR department.


By the end of this workshop participants will deeply understand:

  • Contract Classifications & Probation Period (Is it always 90 days? And when it’s not?)
  • Avoid being sued during contract termination.
  • How Labor Arbitration Council interprets employee’s waivers!
  • The Right to Promote and the Lack to Demote.
  • What lays underneath article 74 and 75 of the Lebanese Labor Law
  • How to use Recording & Surveillance Systems LEGALLY.
  • Workplace vs. Work Emergencies.


Case Study One: Contracts Classifications & Probation Period

The first case study will discuss employment contract classifications, as well as enable participants to differentiate between Contracts, Agreements, Daily Workers, Fixed-Term, Open-Ended and moreover reveal a major stipulation over Probation Period.

Case Study Two: Contract Termination

The Second Case Study will discuss contract termination, applicability of article 50 even when termination is with a cause. Types, legitimacy, and violations of employment contract termination.

Case Study Three: Holidays, Working hours and Waivers!

This Case Study will analyze Wages, Holidays, Extra Hours, Warning Letters, and most Importantly Waivers during termination or employment: the legal validity of waivers with coercion defect!

Case Study Four: Promotion & Demotion – Supervisor Vs Subordinates

The 4th case will set promotion and demotion into practice; linking this specific case to internal conflicts between managers and subordinates as well as an overview of disciplinary procedures.


Case Study Five: Article 74 & 75 beneath the surface!

This Case Study will consider what is considered fair vs. unfair dismissal and its related compensation, how we interpret article 74 and 75 and what the exceptions are.

Case Study Six: Employer’s pitfalls “Surveillance Systems & Work Emergencies”

Addressing employer’s pitfalls into having surveillance systems and its implication toward employment contracts. Work Emergencies will be exposed in the course this case!

Case Study Seven: Workplace Emergencies

Following the Sixth Case study, this case will reveal more insights related to work and workplace emergencies as well as accidents causal links!

Case Study Eight: Work Emergencies & the Causal Links.

The last case study will put more emphasis on emergency cases outside of the workplace and perhaps working hours. This will overview methods of how to study and evaluate types of emergencies, how to differentiate between error and negligence, negligence and intentional neglect with related consequences under each scenario!


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