Duration: 4 Hours.

The Bite is designed to be highly interactive, in order to hold each participant’s attention and interest in the program.

This bite concentrates on the technical interview head by None-HR professionals; developing questions and their value; the interview techniques that get specific, behavior-based examples of past performance; and the strategies that follow through on this process. This bite takes the behavioral interview even further throughout sharing body language techniques as core to None-HR interviewers. 

This Intensive 4-Hour Bite will help teach participants:

  • Understand what Behavioral Interviewing is all about.
  • Be able to differentiate between Technical & Performance Skills
  • Use traditional, behavioral, achievement oriented, holistic, and situational interview questions.
  •   Enhance communication skills that are essential for a skilled interviewer.

Training Bite Contents

Participants will go through Eleven sessions during the bite covering the below topics and their corresponding objectives

Introduction and Bite Overview

The Trainer will spend the first fifteen minutes of the first session getting to know participants and discussing in an activity related directly to behavioral interviewing.

History of the Interviewing Process

The day will begin with a brief lecture on the history of the interviewing process, including Alfred Binet’s ideas, stress interviewing, and structured interviewing.

Factors in the Hiring Process

We will examine the three levels of factors in the hiring process in this session

Determining the Skills You Need

Once you have analyzed what the job will entail, you will need to determine what technical and performance skills the candidate will need. We will examine various ways of doing this during this session.

Problems Interviewers Face

During this session we will discuss some common mistakes interviewers make and how to avoid them

Non-Verbal Communication (Body Language)

During an interview, it is crucial to be aware of the non-verbal signals that you are giving and receiving. We will explore some of these signals through a lecture and an exercise

Types of Questions

Obviously, the ability to ask questions is crucial to an interview. During this session, we will discuss how to use open questions, closed questions, and probes

Traditional vs. Behavior Interviews

During this session we will look at what behavioral interviewing is and how it differs from traditional interviewing. Participants will also have the opportunity to develop some sample behavioral questions.

Other Types of Questions

There are two more key types of questions that you can use during an interview: achievement oriented and holistic. We will take a brief look at both types during this session.

The Critical Incident Technique

Another type of interview question asks the candidate how they might behave in a certain situation. We will explore why these questions are so valuable, how to develop them, and how to use them

Skill Application

We will spend the last 15 Minutes of this bite role-playing two brief interviews using all the skills we have learned.


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